Water Dechlorination Solutions

Honest Water delivers water treatment systems for our Southern Illinois and St. Louis Metro and Southern Illinois neighbors. 

Remove Chlorine with Reliable Whole-Home Filtration

Honest Water is an authorized KineticoⓇ dealer, and we’ll make sure your family’s drinking water is safe and pure, straight from the tap. Honest Water personalizes your home water filtration system using world-renowned and trusted KineticoⓇ Dechlorinators and Water Softeners. 

Remove Harmful Chlorine with a KineticoⓇ Dechlorinator

Excessive exposure to chlorine has been shown to damage hair and skin, and has even been linked to certain types of cancers. A KineticoⓇ Dechlorinator can help you be more confident that your water sources are free of harmful levels of chlorine.

  • Efficient and thorough removal of added chlorine from municipal tap water sources
  • Upflow filtration using a high-capacity activated carbon bed filter
  • Stand-alone and integrated filtration options for home KineticoⓇ water treatment systems
  • Reliable and simple operation, with installation by our trained professionals

Personalized, Whole-Home KineticoⓇ Dechlorination and Water Treatment Systems

Reduce your family’s exposure to the potentially harmful effects of chlorine, and improve the taste of your drinking water! Honest Water installs a KineticoⓇ Dechlorinator with every whole-home water treatment system we sell, giving you peace of mind that your family’s primary water source is free of added chlorine. Adding a tested and trusted KineticoⓇ water treatment solution to your home can be as simple as contacting us to talk about your needs. 

Honest Water will provide you with a specialized solution that includes chlorine removal and a water softener system to suit your family’s water usage and filtration level. By combining dechlorination and water softener systems from KineticoⓇ, you’ll get:

  1. Personalized water treatment solutions. Our professionals will recommend whole-home systems and dechlorinators based on your water demand and local water quality.

  2. Flexible system design. A KineticoⓇ Dechlorinator can be installed on its own, or as an integral part of a KineticoⓇ Water Softening System. The addition of a dechlorinator protects your system from the damaging effects of chlorine.

  3. Reliability that doesn’t depend on electricity. Your KineticoⓇ whole-home water purification system doesn’t require power, and you won’t have to worry about high-tech, expensive electronic parts. Systems feature corrosion-resistant valves and tanks for long-lasting reliability.

  4. Efficient chlorine reduction. Municipal water often has excessive chlorine levels that can affect the taste of your water, dry out your hair and skin, and reduce the useful life of rubber seals and gaskets in fixtures and appliances. KineticoⓇ Dechlorinators use activated carbon to reduce chlorine levels and protect your home and family.

  5. No additional water usage. KineticoⓇ treatment systems don’t require extra water consumption to treat your water. You’ll have on-demand, clean, pure water, straight from any tap in your home.

  6. Easy maintenance and peace of mind. A KineticoⓇ Water Treatment System only requires activated carbon filter replacement once every 3-5 years, on average. Your system will come with outstanding KineticoⓇ dependability and warranty service.

Get Your Official Water Score

We believe every community we serve deserves honestly delicious, purified water. If you’re not sure what’s in your family’s water, request a free water test from Honest Water today. We’ll provide your water score so you can better understand what’s in your water, and which water treatment solutions are right for your home.

Watch this video from KineticoⓇ to learn more about our water scoring system.

Which KineticoⓇ Dechlorinator is right for your home?

Honest Water primarily recommends the single-tank dechlorinator to provide chlorine-free water for your entire home. It can be installed on its own, or as part of a water softener treatment system, protecting your water softener from the damaging effects of chlorine. The single-tank Dechlorinators are ideal for homes with lower water flow demands.