Water Softening Systems from KineticoⓇ

Protect your home and family from the effects of hard water deposits, scale, and excess mineral solids.

Water Softening Provides Benefits Beyond Better-Tasting Water

What does a water softener system do? 

Water softener systems remove the excess minerals that contribute to what is known as “hard water,” which can damage residential plumbing systems and connected equipment. Installing a KineticoⓇ Water Treatment System in your home provides the following benefits:

  • Improves the taste of hard water by removing excess minerals, leaving behind water that is crystal-clear and has a pure, clean, neutral flavor.

  • Reduces hard water deposits that can damage appliances, leading to longer life spans for plumbing fixtures and appliances, and decreased repair bills.

  • Eliminates cleaning problems like soap scum and inefficient washing machines and dishwashers, reducing soap usage and resulting in cleaner clothes and dishes.

  • Reduces dry, flaky skin and hair from bathing in hard water, which leaves soap residue and minerals on the body that can cause skin irritation.

Request your free water test today for an Honest Water evaluation and personalized solution for your home. Your water test results include a water score, a measure of dissolved minerals and contaminants, which will help us recommend some simple improvements to purifying and treating your water. We’ll provide the hard water softening system you need, at a price you can afford.

Hard Water Problems in Southern Illinois and St. Louis Metro Areas

Many homes in our area are served by municipal water sources that have excess minerals like calcium and magnesium. Other contaminants from municipal drinking water sources could include damaging chemicals like chloramine, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pharmaceuticals, forever chemicals, PFAs and PFOs, as well as hexavalent chromium.

As an authorized KineticoⓇ dealer, Honest Water offers professional water testing and customized whole-home treatment systems for any water quality issues, and any budget. Contact us today for your free water analysis to finally know what’s in your home’s water, and let’s talk about solutions to provide pure, soft water from every faucet in your home.

Water Softener Systems from Honest Water

As your local authorized KineticoⓇ dealer, Honest Water recommends and professionally installs the world’s most trusted water softener systems to suit your home’s specific water treatment needs. When you contact us for your free water test, we’ll use that analysis and your average water usage to recommend the KineticoⓇ Water Softener that will best serve your family’s needs.

Most of our customers in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metro area have water that requires the popular and efficient KineticoⓇ Premier series line of water softeners.

  • This line is tested and proven to be among the most efficient water softeners in the world, according to KineticoⓇ-requested independent testing by the Water Quality Association to measure water softening capacity per pound of salt used.

  • KineticoⓇ Premier series water softeners require less salt and less maintenance throughout their life span than other water softeners.

  • On-demand water generation means you’ll have soft water from every faucet in your home, when you need it, with no waiting for the system to recharge.

  • These high-capacity systems don’t restrict water flow, even in high-usage households.

  • Premier systems are not electric-dependant, continuing to soften your hard water even when the power is out.

When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of soft water everywhere in your home, let’s talk. Honest Water is here to provide you with a detailed analysis of your home’s water, and a water softener recommendation that’s a perfect fit for your home and budget.